Thomas Devaney

Love, zealotry, capitalism, and religion fuel my creativity.  I am a sculptor, and I am a painter.  Utilizing a variety of traditional methods and modern techniques in making my artwork allows me to communicate more than one point of view.  Taking this multi-faceted approach seems logical and allows me to examine the complexities of the human experiences I wish to explore.  I find the physicality of painting and sculpting, the layering on and the carving away, fundamental to my ability to dissect and interpret the moral ambiguity and contradictions that are ever-present in the contemporary issues I find so compelling.
I seek to translate these varying degrees of grey through my allegorical, frequently black and white compositions which include large scale paintings and 3-dimensional works.  I often find myself working on several pieces at a time which leads to a reciprocal relationship between my paintings and sculpture.  The connection between the two influences how the work evolves independently and together.  This give and take process of discovery helps me to determine the best way to convey some of the struggles we face in our culture and society.
As an artist, I perceive a situation, internalize it, and then seek to make sense of it through my art.  My mind tends toward the epic. I try to make sense of the whole, yet I am committed to understanding and respecting the little parts.  This, in turn, is how my finished paintings and sculpture are meant to be experienced by the viewer.  They are often very large and not easily readable in a single glance.  I want to share my observations in the way I believe these diverse issues should be examined from many vantage points, but also through a wider lens that acknowledges their commonality.